Friday, April 25, 2014

Spring Has an Attitude

Spring has an attitude this time. Yeah, i know this is strange and we don’t see it often. 
Every time I land in the month of November, i say to myself “Oh! next 3 months”! Winter. It can have effects on me many different ways. Making me slow the already lazy me, more donation to hibernate mode, getting less social, defied with procrastination… oh the list goes on.
Spring has an attitude !

Fundamental point is i am a sunshine person like most of you i assume.  My mind is set for 3 months of winter and right now i am struggling to cope with this extended winter by end of April ! 
Oh Spring. You have an attitude which  I am not liking.  When it rains it pours too. Some warm days took toll that way.
I need my sunshine, my bright colors

Spring, change your attitude and appear for before us from your covers. We are ready for you.
I need the sunshine.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Virtue Of Extraordinary You

Welcome to my blog. Happy Thursday!
I sharing my thoughts on the blessings and virtues we all have and the courageous acts we are capable of doing in delivering our responsibilities. I am a big fan of Nik Wallenda and wishing him great success with his next milestone at the Grand Canyons.
Courage is the ladder on which all other virtues mount. Virtue can only flourish among equals.
Yes, The High Wire courageous tight rope walk over Niagara Falls Nik Wallenda demonstrated last year or the next High wire walk he is scheduled to do over Grand Canyon next month could be first of the things coming on to the mind when we read the above quotes.
High Wire Courageous Act
High Wire Courageous Act
Well that is not my point, exactly. He is really courageous and awesome. He inspires everyone to get out of the comfort zone.  If high wire is passion and way of life for him, it may be be something else for you and me. That is my point.
Getting out of Comfort zone
Getting out of Comfort Zone
To decide to be at the level of choice, is to take responsibility for your life and to be in control of your life.
Decision by Indecision or Action by Inaction – This is not going to take me anywhere. There are some success stories from the history, though. But, those were more like ” Don’t hurry with things” type. We are good.
Nik Wallenda
Going ahead with Bold Foot Steps
There is certain amount of courage needed to carry on with our daily business and life. It takes higher level of courage and determination to go past this and enter  the next level of life. That is how you bring the extraordinary you from yourself and deliver our responsibilities in style.
Fortune favors the brave – and I add to that - Fortune favors the brave who shows the courage to deliver responsibilities outside comfort zone.

Friday, May 24, 2013

My Memorial Passage – A True Life Story

I know we are getting ready for the long weekend – everyone says ‘I have been working so hard in past few weeks and plugging away so much. Oh man I can’t wait!’ So true that we need an opportunity to take time off from daily humdrum to revitalize ourselves for the better.

Memorial Day. This is the occasion to remember the sacrifices made by brave men and women -  with lot of respect and gratitude, for locale the stage for what we are sighted today as world. I bow and join you in that.

There have been lot of people who are instrumental in building and shaping success of individual lives of all of us. Father, mother, brother, sister, uncle, friend, a dear one… so goes the list. I bow to those living legends also on this day – I can’t express enough to say by gratitude and how indebted I am to them.

I take the chance of this instance to remember a dear page from my memory book. This is a true story from my life.

One Bright Light - in my memorial passage

It was shortly after I started by job in Chennai, the largest city in southern India, coming out from the Graduate School I met this person at the men’s dorm. A usually silent guy lives in his own world and sings melodies very late in the night. As music is in my blood too, I started interacting with him and we started singing together within few days.

He was elder to me by few years and used to work for an advertising agency in creative department. I was so excited for having him as friend. It was during that week one of his friends received a chance to sing for one of A.R.Rahman movie projects – yeah the “Slum Dog Millionaire” fame Oscar winning Indian music director.

After few months we decided to rent a more comfortable home and we moved in. Our friends circle became expanded by now. Evenings and weekends used to be music sessions and talks about music. We cooked food while singing. We did laundry by singing. Music was all over and we really loved the ambience.

He was a true gentleman with honesty and sincerity. I have not met many people in my life who is big-hearted like him and of selfless nature. He encouraged me always as a young lad who had difficult situations early on in my new job. He borrowed me money in one occasion which he refused to take back.

Idea of marriage bells became due for him after few months and his family folks constantly communicate with him to get him subscribed to the idea. I also suggested and supported the same when he asked my opinion. He moved in to a new house to have an expanded family life – which looked potential in weeks.

It was on a Friday he was leaving to his native town which is an overnight train journey from Chennai. We talked a lot that day and I dropped him at the train station by feeling so happy for him. He was on his way to meet a girl proposed by his family as future wife.

The anticipation was in me to hear good news from him by Monday. I did not hear for two days. Communication and use of phone was not that regular than as we see these days.  The mobile phone was in use. I had a pager that time which allowed sending messages only locally.

On the 4th day, my door bell rings and I see a friend from my old dorm who looked literally shaken and in full of tears. “Prasad is gone forever”, He cries out loudly.

I asked him in anger and full disbelief “Are you out of your mind Roy?”

That was one of the saddest moments of my life. I learned that my dear buddy met with a road accident and passed -  Very difficult learning in hardest way.  His funeral was done next day. His family didn’t have my contacts and there was no way to inform me. They somehow managed to get the dorm contacts and sent a telegram.

My dear friend is in ashes and I don’t know about it. This memory always haunts me and there is not even a single day without thinking about him. It was a true friendship with no selfish interest and will miss him forever. This is a true story of my memorial passage written with tears.

It is true that I have traveled places and met new people in the last 15 plus years. I met nobody like Prasad. I want to remember and thank him for life from bottom of my heart. 

A light is always bright in me for him.

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Extended Real Take

I have been wondering, like many of you, when this dynamic extended winter is going to be over? There is uncertainty about this; even the weather forecasts are dynamic every day! Flowers bloomed, green leaves are out, squirrels we keep seeing them criss-crossing but the one energizes this spring episode – the Sun – is not available to the desired warm level. Central character is keeping a low profile, still !!

Be Real

Going back to the nature laws.
Human advancement with innovation and technologies have reached a level to ease our daily life with more comfort. We have forecast available about future – no i am not just talking about weather alone. However, this noise about global warming and extended weather seasons go to prove that nature’s rules cant be altered or influenced. 
Nature in no-hurry mode completes all tasks to its entirety. It is so real and consistent with the process.  Time, Seasons, Duration, Direction like east and west are all man made for his convenience. Nature is less influenced by what we think.
So….  my point is that none of us can be perfect in everyone’s eyes. We may miss deadlines. We may see friends suddenly turning in to foes. All these can happen. What is in our hands? We can continue doing what we think is Right in our good consciousness. We don’t have to fake it to impress someone or quality in delivering.
Get out of the comfort zone.  We may not be perfect. We can be real and sincere. This goes long way in building our personal brand naturally and become a winner in life.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Welcome Spring

It was after much of waiting and extended winter, I was able to enjoy a good spring day today at this part of the world.  Picture perfect day!  
Mother Nature's Floral Arrangement and Warm Reception !

I clicked a picture (above) during the lunch break. It appeared to me like nature is offering a lovely yellow floral arrangement for all the hard work during winter! What a warm reception!! I feel so happy to have received it from mother earth.
I asked myself, "Was I waiting for this reception really ?".  Yes, I was expecting it, honestly. Ready for the positive energy vibes of Spring!!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Ups and Downs in Life

Fortune favors the brave! If you have not failed, that means you never tried anything hard. When wisdom comes from someone of Ratan Tata’s level, its worth reading.
" Ups and downs in life are very important to keep us going, because a straight line even in an E.C.G. means we are not alive "

Ratan Tata - Head of TATA Empire

Friday, February 1, 2013

Friday, December 30, 2011

Discovery Unlimited

One more game is going to be over. 2011.

It has been a journey with mixed experiences, personally for me. I assume that most of you have had a wonderful year.

Every year towards its end provides us warm experiences to discover ourselves. We have several relationships in personal and professional lives. 

Remember you are on stage. How have we done as a son, brother, daughter, sister, father, mother or husband/wife? How has it been as a colleague, subordinate, boss, leader, mentor and chief?   Use audience feedback if it helps.

Celebrate the Unlimited Discovery
There were many emotional backlashes, confusion and big surprises? We know it better.  It is just a natural thing in practical life. These are fine as long as intend and efforts were good.

Hard to measure though it seemed simple right? Well, this is the essence and driving force behind human life. We have the ability to measure, analyze and rationalize so well. Human beings have the innate drive for the corrective measures. The more we discover ourselves the more we improve in the next game.

Another game is going to start in couple of days. 2012. We need to welcome it.  We can better do it because we are well learned and thoughtful.

I take this opportunity to desire our aspirations fly high for great discovery of ourselves. That is the key to buoyancy and triumph.

Wish you and your loved ones Very Happy and Prosperous New Year. God Bless.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Ten Years Ago!

Ten years ago. 

I am going to tell you a beautiful story this morning. A True story. 

On this day, ten years ago, I was nervous and stressed. The day my wife and I were expecting our first baby. Our first bundle of joy was born ten years ago this very day. All that pain turned in to delightful joy on having first glimpse of his beautiful face.   He is now our life and world. He is making our family very proud as a young man! 

Over the years till few months ago the 'son' and 'younger brother' in me have been prominent. It was almost never that I carried on like a father. My father is no more. I miss him so much.  I realize now that the 'father' in me has started to evolve, grow and becoming dominant. Scenarios, situations and incidents in life facilate significant changes in us. It is beyond your skin only when you really experience it.

Ancient system has it all in place, the various stages of life. As we grow up and spread our wings we definitely go through those regardless how we desire or not. Our thoughts and action get aligned to it. We get emotionaly adapted to it.

Ten years ago.

On this day, I thank God and elders for all their continued blessings. Good deed succeeds.